Transnational Project Meeting in Poland

Our Erasmus+ project: ‘Act for a Sustainable Life’ has been in full swing since the end of December 2021, yet the participating teams could not meet due to the pandemic and other factors beyond our control until mid-April 2022. Finally, four months into the project, we all met in Poland, in the coordinating partner’s ‘headquarters’ at Prywatne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Królowej Jadwigi in Lublin. The Transnational Project Meeting of seven partner teachers from Turkey, Romania and Poland took place in Lublin between     11th – 13th April 2022.

The meeting was very beneficial for all countries. We had a chance to exchange ideas, ask and answer questions and take stock of what has been achieved so far. We spent the whole day analysing the project’s original plan, ensuring the common understanding of what needs to be done in the coming months and evaluating our efforts so far. Not only was it the first time we could meet each other in person, but it also provided us with ample opportunities to discuss the project in greater detail. We shared our expertise and experiences and we learned from each other greatly to make our project more efficient in the future. The Romanian team’s training session on ‘web2toos’ was particularly inspiring and much appreciated. Apart from the discussions and training sessions, the Polish team’s aim was to show our historical city of Lublin to the project partners who have visited Poland for the first time: the Old Town and the Lublin Castle, the Village Museum and the concentration camp Majdanek. We tried to present our guests with the best of our local history and the Polish culture. 

The Transnational Partners Meeting in Lublin, Poland was a very productive and bonding experience for all the participants. The students of Jadwiga school taking part in the project were happy to show their school and introduce their project work to the teachers of the visiting countries. Our guest presented their own schools to the Polish students, who in turn, told our visitors about their school and their city – Lublin. We were very excited to be finally able to get to know each other better and find out more about our respective schools. It was a fruitful and informative experience for us  all.