Mobility in Romania (22-28 May 2022)

Day 1

We started our first day at our partner school in Navodari where we were greeted in a traditional way with bread and salt.

After that, our Romanian hosts made a presentation about their beautiful country and treated us to some delicious healthy snacks.

The next stop was a visit to the local meteorological station, where we saw some old and new apparatus used to measure, record and collect data to forecast weather.

Then we had a chance to see two gorgeous dolphins performing amazing tricks for us at Constanta’s 'Delfinari’.

Right next to the dolphins we found a great micro reserve centre located in the Danube delta with a wonderful collection of animals!

To get out of the rain, we took shelter in the archeological museum in Constanta.

At the end of the day, we saw Constanta and its famous casino, but unfortunately it has been covered up due to renovation, still the walk in the sun along the promenade was fun.

And at the end of the busy day, we went to watch a spectacular sunset.

Day 2

Day 3

At the beginning of the day we all went to the Romanian school, where we presented our schools and cities to the other project members. In the school we saw some Romanian traditional stuff.

Then we visited the school’s laboratory in which we saw students test the tap water quality.

After that, we enjoyed some specialties of the Romanian cuisine. We tasted some homemade Romania delicacies and we can confirm that zakuski and cheesecake were absolutely scrumptious!

Afterwards we were introduced to the 3D printer by the engineering teacher from Romania. We all printed nametags. It was a very interesting experience. One of our Romanian friends read the story of Bob and a little girl. Here is the story’s main character printed on a 3D printer together with the tale’s author Samira.

Then we went to the Greentech recycling center where the director gave us some useful information about what we should do with our trash and he showed us what he had made with recycled materials, for example a fence made with old oil filters that came from a ship or lamps made form old gas containers. It was a very informative trip.

Day 4

Day 5

On the last day, we went to the Romanian school. First students participated in a creative workshop.

We also looked at the photo gallery documenting the whole Romanian mobility.

Before the final certificate ceremony, students and teachers worked in mixed teams to create posters evaluating our mobility activities.

We also had a chance to sing and dance together and write our farewells on each other’s arms.

In the end everyone received a certificate confirming their participation in the Erasmus+ project ACT FOR A SUSTAINABLE LIFE

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